Gamescom 2017

Good evening,

I just returned from GamesCom 2017 and it was a good conference! Luckily I had a press pass to visit on press day considering it is so busy. I will add more pictures during the week considering I took a lot of pictures. A few games that stood out to me were Final Fantasy Dissidia NT, Abyss, BioMutant, Dragon Ball Z Fighters and of course Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. 

Below you can see a galery from GamesCom 2017 and it will be updated more this week!

Resident Evil 2 Board Game

Resident Evil 2 the board game! 

First I thought it was the Resident Evil 2 Remake but I was wrong. Next week I will be going to GamesCom and will be updating my website as I visit GamesCom. Who knows the Resident Evil remake will be anounced there. 

RE 2 The Board Game 

Click the link to view the website for the board game.